Hobo Trousse

A trousse is a small pouch or pencil type case.  We took the idea a step further with the Hobo Trousse to have a simple flat pack that hold you small items for coffee outside and helping keep meals on the go a little more organized.  Think of it as the love child of a trousse and hobo pocket knife.


  • Single large internal pocket with front facing zipper 
  • Front organizer pouches for Coffee Helix, slim pockets for spork or chopsticks, and two slightly wider for pocket knife or lighter
  • Measures 9" tall x 10" wide

Bonus points for the fact that it will slide into the rear internal stiffener pocket of a Docena, or lay on top of the load for quick access on the commute.

What do I keep in mine?...Helix, filters, bandana, spoon, pocket knife and a lighter

Type: Camping Gear

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