Agfa Billy Record II

I love so much about this camera, will definitely regret letting it go, but it is just not getting the use it deserves.  The camera was fully serviced and new bellows about 18 months ago by Certo6 (Jorgen).  Performance is outstanding and it will make incredibly sharp photos if you have the patience to use it. 

Agfa Apoter lens set, 105mm f4.5,  with the prontor S shutter.  The view finder is for composition only, you need to zone focus and all manual exposure settings.  Takes standard 120 film and makes a 6x9 exposure.  When folded it will actually fit in a jacket pocket and is wonderful to keep in your bag or have around.  the best camera is the one that you have with you, and these old folders are easy to tuck into the corner of your bag and have ready when you want to take advantage of the medium format.

Type: Unknown Type

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