Andrews USB - Universal Support Bolt

UPDATE: 4/10/18 these are a new style with the stud moved off of the the tightening barrel.  Slightly lower profile, and in theory a little stronger.  I will update the on bike pics as soon as I can set a pair up

These are the bottle cage adapters I have always wanted, but never thought of until Ron at King Cage set me a set to check out and test last year.  These are the secret sauce that held on the third water bottle for all that time.  Sized for tubes from 28.6 to 31.8mm they can be used to adapt a bottle mount to the down or seat tube of a great number of bikes.  Plain and simple, they work, and can be used in so many ways to adapt tools, cages etc.  

These are sold as a pair of the clamps, do NOT include the cage and will work for most normal cages that you mount with standard M5 bolts.  

Disclaimer: these have been shown on the web used on tapered fork blades, and that is not good or safe in most cases.  clamps on a taper can loosen, slide down and the mounted thing can go into your wheel.  We can not endorse these for use on a fork.  It can be done, the vertical motion needs to be constrained, but that is not something we can control for every user, front wheel accessory mounting is serious business.

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