Canonet QL17 GIII

35mm Film Camera

Canon Canonet is a fantastic little camera with a well earned reputation.   The 40mm F1.7 swings well above its weight class and renders beautiful images.  I enjoyed running a couple test rolls through this, but it overlaps with other cameras I own and am looking to pass it on to the next owner.  Condition is fair to above average with the following challenges:

  • Battery cover is missing
  • Minor wear and scuffing
  • Frame advance will keep going.  This can be fixed, but I am out of time

The Good:

  • Viewfinder is clear and bright
  • Meter appears to be working 
  • Lens is clean and functional
  • Loaded roll of Recently Expired Provia 100 for you to start with

Link to Fix the Advance

Type: Unknown Type

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