Five Bandannas - Furoshiki

Exactly what it looks like, five bandannas.  These are the new color or patterns, 22"x22", from our Made in the USA supplier that we want to get out there and spread the word, so you get five for the price of 4!

I use stacks of bandannas every week, one in my rear pocket, around the house, hankies and to wrap my lunch.  the wrapping part is where "Furoshiki" comes in.  It is the japanese technique of wrapping things in fabric in lieu of a bag or paper.  There are a bunch of patterns and knot depending on the size or shape of your object.  

My lunch and second coffee get packed in mason jars.  The mason jars wrapped in bandannas.  then that goes into a cotton musette.  The wrap catches any minor leaks, and you have a napkin for the meal.  it is a win win situation with ZERO waste or single use crap to throw away.  

(pro tip - the double weave kerchiefs help keep your coffee warm too)

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