Gram Cracker

The Trail Designs Gram Cracker is a Solid Fuel Kit for use with the Caldera Cone systems. For the times that alcohol may not be an option or has run out, this kit is the perfect supplement.  This kit provides a controllable solid fuel solution for your Caldera Cone cooking needs, delivering better fuel stingy economy than an alcohol stove, while heating more efficiently that traditional solid fuel methods.

The kit contains everything you see to the left including a titanium solid fuel stand set to the correct height for the Caldera Cone system, 2 titanium side panels to control the burn, a protective foil shield, 3 Esbit fuel tabs, and a reusable ziploc bag sized to fit your supply of solid fuel tablets and lighter.

The stand weighs only 3 grams.

Made in the USA  

Type: Accessory

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