Hobo Trousse Kit No.1

Update:  7/30 the bags are here, I am catching up on getting preorders out as fast as we can.  Inventory is current and an order today will get your bag in the mail over the next week.

Kit No.1 includes the Hobo Trousse color of your choice with a Coffee Helix and 8 oz. of Hobo Rouleur coffee

A trousse is a small pouch or pencil type case.  We took the idea a step further with the Hobo Trousse to have a simple flat pack that hold you small items for coffee outside and helping keep meals on the go a little more organized.  Think of it as the love child of a trousse and hobo pocket knife.


  • Single large internal pocket with front facing zipper 
  • Front organizer pouches for Coffee Helix, slim pockets for spork or chopsticks, and two slightly wider for pocket knife or lighter
  • Measures 9" tall x 10" wide

Bonus points for the fact that it will slide into the rear internal stiffener pocket of a Docena, or lay on top of the load for quick access on the commute.

What do I keep in mine?...Helix, filters, bandana, spoon, pocket knife and a lighter

Type: Camping Gear

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