Olympus E-P5 Kit with 12-50 F/3.5-6.3 Lens Custom Baseplate and Strap

I have been shooting Micro 4/3 cameras for a long time, balancing performance to kit size, this one has been in my personal rotation for about 8 months, and while an exceptional camera, this model is just not meshing with my work flow.  The E-P5 has all of the good parts of the modern insides, 5 axis in body stabilization, 16mp etc, but the controls more similar to the older generations of EP bodies.  I decided to sell it as a kit, set up the way I do all of my cameras.  That gets you a camera that is ready to go and quite impressive for it's size.

  • The Gordy strap allows for cross chest carry while I ride(tight to my body), just long enough to drop an elbow through the loop and have only around my neck for better reach, the wrist strap allows me to hold it out at arms length still tethered.  A ton of thought went into a solution that allows me to shoot while in the saddle and keep the camera secure.
  • The baseplate is customized from a grip kit sold on Amazon.  Cut back to a minimum to facilitate the lower strap mounting position and as a Acra style tripod adapter plate.  The extra grip section was bulk i did not need, thus removed, with all hard edges smoothed
  • The non grip side strap mounting allows the camera to lay flatter against my torso while riding.  the grip and control areas are free of clutter while shooting
  • The wrist strap is just long enough to get at all the controls comfortably, but not have slack getting in the way
  • The lens is a good wide to tele zoom12-50mm (24-100mm in 35mm equivalent) with macro capability.  Electronic and manual zoom capability, weather sealed (I think),  I have shot a good many pics through this one, and would keep it if not for trying to make a set ready to go for you.  In good light it is surprisingly sharp for the price, probably one of the best value lens I have owned
  • Kit includes the body, lens, baseplate, Gordy strap, Olympus battery and charger.  All you will need is an SD card to get started.  

Condition is used, but perfectly functional.  the wear from carry is clearly shown in the photos. 

For an idea of scale if not Micro 4/3 familiar, the lens is about the size of a Campbell's soup can.  The baseplate works with fancy tripods as well as the Siru / mefoto backpacker tripod kits that are about $125 and fit in a Docena

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