Olympus XA 35mm Film Camera

I am absolutely in love with the form factor and function, but want an XA4 for the wide angle lens.  If you have one to trade I would be into that in lieu of a sale. 

Condition is probably 8+ or so out of 10, all functions are perfect, and the viewfinder is pretty clear

If you don'd know about this boss little 35mm rangefinder, here's some details:

The Olympus XA is one of the smallest 35mm rangefinder film cameras available, ideally suited to street and environmental photography.

The first of many models to come, the XA was released by Olympus in 1979 and contained a near silent 10s-1/500s leaf shutter.  Setting itself apart from the 1979 crowd, the Olympus XA is manually focused through the rangefinder and the lens, built with 6-elements in 5-groups, is an internally focused F.Zuiko 35mm f/2.8 lens and is stationary in the body (does not extend or retract) and produces sharp images.

Levers on the body allow for adjusting aperture (f/2.8-22) and focus.  A dial on the lens allows for adjusting film speeds from ISO 25-800. The semi-automatic aperture system made for fast and accurate exposures. 

The optional A11 flash has a 7 second recycle time and allows for exposures at ISO 100, IS0 400 and Manual full-power.

Key Features

  • 35mm f/2.8-22 lens (F.Zuiko)
  • 6 lens elements in 5 groups
  • Rangefinder focusing
  • 0.85m to infinity range
  • Aperture priority metering
  • +1.5 exposure compensation
  • 10s-1/500s leaf shutter
  • Adjustable aperture, focus, and film speed levers
  • Sliding dust cover
  • Iconic design


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