Polaroid OneStep Kit

Making a pass through the camera gear that I have not been using or just need to release.

This one turned me back on to the high quality of the mew Polaroid Originals film stock that is in production.  Everything works and is in clean near new condition.  The OneStep is a super basic camera that is fun to use and take good pictures.  I have upgraded it with a modern Frog Tongue (protects the pic from the sun as it pops out and prevents possible weird exposures) It has 7 of 8 B&W pics in waiting and ready to go when you open it up.  Pic number one shown here...everything works, and I'll include the original short frog tongue, and and empty film cartridge if you feel compelled to keep one for testing the flash

I really enjoy using this, but it takes up too much room in the bag for me, I will be back to instant, but this one needs to find its way to a new home

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