Red Wing Iron Ranger Black Harness 11.5 EE

Another pair of boots that I wanted to love but just did not agree with my foot shape.  This pair of Iron Rangers was bought as seconds from STP and I could not find any flaws other than slightly uneven edges at some of the sewing, but no bad seams, perfect soles etc, so I wore them for about a month.  They really are an incredible pair of boots

Treated lightly once with oil and obenaufs.  The leather is no longer like wood, so the hardest part of break in is done, but these are us a bit wide and long for me, so time to release them. They were worn for about a month, never in the rain.  Also of note, I wore them with insoles that embossed the factory insole leather, but the factory insoles are thus less shaped like my foot and ready to match yours

For fit reference I am a 12D/E, wear an 11 EE in my Thorogoods, and would guess these would fit well on a true 12.5EE foot

Type: Unknown Type

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