Sample Low Trail Fork

This was one of our early produciton samples that I found during the move, 

  • 1" threaded steerer 23cm long
  • I am 99% certain it has Kaisei blades we bought from UBI, KA-702C according to my records
  • 380mm'ish axle to crown
  • 65mm offset
  • Pacenti crown with shoulder mounted rack bosses
  • Paragon dropouts with double eyelets
  • No paint, sold as is

If I recall correctly I had this done up as  test fork for my Trek 650b conversion but they had the proto Ramblers done at the same time and I jumped right to testing those, an dthis went on the shelf.

I am incredibly tempted to rebuild my od Trek with this, but it is probably better finding a new home

Type: Unknown Type

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