About Us

I'm a guy sharing the dream, the Rambler is the "One" bike for me and the gear is all stuff that I use.  It started as just riding my bike, carrying stuff, camera, lunch and groceries, the usual bike commuting stuff.  Then I started to tinker and make it a little bit more of what I wanted it to be, started sewing my bags and had the Ramblers made to our spec.  Over the years it has grown and shrank and cycled a few times, but it is and always will be me sharing the stuff that I find useful, for everyday riding with stuff.  Somewhere in all that we started the #coffeeoutside thing, the Docena Demiporteur bags with Swift Industries, and introduced bikey people to more than a few fun things made in the USA.

Right now things are slowed down a bit while we recover from a couple of local moves, a third daughter on the way and a day gig that keeps the lights on through the really slow spots.  That said, we are still very much here, and filling orders as they come in.  It's mostly me, sometimes my girls, and we never would have made it this far without the help of some friends and all of you out there.

At the core, this is about people, getting them outside, and getting together.  I believe with all my heart that bikes are just one of the things that will save our communities as we move int the future.  Making it work better with ease will inherently get more folks on bikes more often.

Thank you for the continued support