Docena Demi-Porteur Bag Presale

UPDATE:  11/7 there is one Black with reflective trim bag left on hand and ready to ship from this order.  The Mk I version of the bag is not going away, it is slightly lighter than the Mk II and retains the traditional rando bag design elements.  The colors are changing slightly as we move to all black trim for production reasons.  This primarily affects the Harlequin, and it will still be cool a couple panel colors may change, but it will be good.

The Docena Mk II is hear and real with this order, you can learn more HERE

The colors on the Harlequin bag are crazy vibrant and were giving me fits to capture with the camera.  The orange is much more on the day glow side of the spectrum.

You can read about all of the details on our Doceana bag on our blog here.  If it shows as available then the presale is on.

This collaboration project with Swift Industries has been in the works for a couple years now.  With testing complete I am more than confident that the time is right to get these out into the world.  The bag bridges that gap between a tall rando style front bag and a full sized Porteur bag.  By Rando Bag standards this is a huge bag.  It is both tall and wide.  Wide enough to fit 1 dozen eggs, and deep enough front to back to fit a second dozen as needed.  Overall dimensions of the main compartment are 28cm tall x 21cm deep x 30 cm wide.  There is 37cm of space between the inside faces of my break hoods, while I do not have any problems with finger rub, I would not use the bag if yours are any narrower.

There will be some minor revisions to the final production version of the bag to improve the detailing, but the pictures show the finished product that is 99% of what you will get.  The basic bag will have a gray body and pockets with trim options in Navy Blue, Red and Yellow.  There will be an upgrade option for what I am calling a Harlequin bag inspired by the color combinations in customer Mike M's saddle bag.  This will have a bit of gray, navy, red and yellow (possibly orange too).  I like having fun with colors, and the Harlequin will go with all of the existing Rambler color ways.

The bag will need a traditional styled rando rack to support the bottom, as well as an upper support or decaleur.  Neither of these items are included in the price of this bag.  We are working on the pannier based hardware system shown on the prototype bag, but it is not yet ready for market.

Type: Accessory

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