Docena Mk II Demi-Porteur Bags PreSale

UPDATE: The Docena Mki and MkII are on indefinite hold. The bags that made it out are still well loved, but they never reached the sales volume needed to keep the production alive.  I hope to bring them back at some point in the future, as they are not dead, but a long shot

The Mk II version of the bag is optimized for use on a Porteur rack with wide back stop, i.e. the little rando pockets wont get squished.  It retains most of the basic design of the Mk I bag, with a few key differences:

  • Rear small pockets removed
  • MOLLE webbing added to the rear mock pocket and sides for the ability to ad smaller tactical style pouches as desired.
  • The rear facing MOLLE has gaps in the center bar-tacking to accommodate the narrow back stop on a rando rack
  • The webbing will allow you to easily mount on a porteur rack or add pouches and configure any way you like
  • Front pocket flap has velcro band for patch attachment
  • Material is XPack X50 or X10, slightly heavier than the X33 on the MK I bags, but will improve strength at the MOLLE connection points

The colors in the pics are of the sample design!!  the Production bags will be Black Multicam and Graphite (dark gray) I will update photos ASAP

Basics of the Mk I design that carry over:

You can read about all of the details on our Doceana bag on our blog here.  If it shows as available then the presale is on.

This collaboration project with Swift Industries has been in the works for a couple years now.  With testing complete I am more than confident that the time is right to get these out into the world.  The bag bridges that gap between a tall rando style front bag and a full sized Porteur bag.  By Rando Bag standards this is a huge bag.  It is both tall and wide.  Wide enough to fit 1 dozen eggs, and deep enough front to back to fit a second dozen as needed.  Overall dimensions of the main compartment are 28cm tall x 21cm deep x 30 cm wide.  There is 37cm of space between the inside faces of my break hoods, while I do not have any problems with finger rub, I would not use the bag if yours are any narrower.

There will be some minor revisions to the final production version of the bag to improve the detailing and color, but the pictures show the finished product that is 99% of what you will get. 

The bag will need a traditional styled rando or porteur rack to support the bottom, as well as an upper support or decaleur.  Neither of these items are included in the price of this bag.  We are working on the pannier based hardware system shown on the prototype bag, but it is not yet ready for market.

Type: Accessory

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