Hobo Rouleur Coffee

Update: 3/31/23 I am working through some testing and reblending.  the component beans have gone scarce and we are sorting that out with our roasting partner.  I will update as soon as this is sorted out.  Hopefully more boats of high quality south pacific beans start coming back this year, the Papua New Guinea beans we had been using were fantastic

We are bumping the 8oz bag to lucky 13 at $15 a bag...But wait there's more!  if you are a local looking to coordinate pickup, we stuff as much as we can the bag to a lucky 13.8oz (its what I can cram in the bag) or fill a mason jar at $1/oz (16 fl oz Mason jar holds 6.5 oz, 20 fl oz Mason Jar holds 9.5 oz etc.)

The Name?  Driven by what we do.  

The Hobo Rouleur rides to move, carries their gear, pushes the pace, but stops to brew a cup.  If you have brewed your #coffeeoutside even once the Hobo part makes sense.  Passers by guess hobo at first glance 9 out of 10 times , and then they realize you are having more fun then them.  Rouleur, translated from French means to have wheels.  It is also a term from the deep history of french racing.  It is the rider who takes it all, the big climbs, the fast decents, endless head winds, rain and cold as if it were a sunny summer day relishing in the ride.  All of that never turning back, not a specialist, but always out there pushing the pace.  

This project was been a year in the making, a partnership with local Ventura roaster Centri Coffee, to develop a blend that stands up to all the challenges of brewing #coffeeoutside.  It is smooth, well bodied and robust with a hint of fruit and cacao.  It can take all the sloppy pours, over brew, short brew or other less than perfect things that can happen out in the field, yet turns out a great cup every time.  With ideal brewing conditions it will only further impress.

We paired an organic Sumatran bean for the robust body and low acid with a Papua New Guinea to give it a bit of depth with a hint of fruit and acidity to help the blend pop.  Each variety roasted lightly to retain the natural sugars and nuances often lost in darker roasts.   All coffee is sold as whole bean so you control the grind for you preferred brewing method.


Type: Coffee

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