Embroidered Patch No.1

Patches are FUN!

$5 will get a patch and a couple of stickers to your door.

This is the first of many embroidered patch designs that we will be releasing.  The patches are being made here in the USA!  That is no small feat from all the research I have been doing.  There are plenty of brokers that claim to offer Made in the USA for a markup.  Most, after multiple emails and being pressed on the issue were unable to deliver, or wanted crazy prices, and were not transparent enough in the supply chain.  The general excuse is that the margins are better using the machines to embroider logos on cheap imported promo gear, and that is a real shame.

Through my network of bike friends I was able to find a company in Pennsylvania keeping some dedicated machines in working order for small batch production of vintage patch reproductions.  After a few email exchanges it became clear that this was the real deal.  The patches are currently in production and should be here for distribution in early July.


  • 2 inches tall by 3 inches wide
  • 100% coverage, both the blue and gold are embroidered 
  • Merrowed edge
  • Iron on backing, can still be stitched 
  • Made in the USA
Every single thing you buy that is made here in the USA will make a difference.  Patches are a small thing, but they make a statement, and show that you care about where your stuff is coming from.
If you have a patch project and are interested in getting it done here in the USA, drop me a line through the contact page and I can pass the info on.  I have no stake in it other than helping to keep my source in business so I can keep getting patches as well.

Type: Accessory

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