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Update: 5/11/2020 our last shipment appears to have slipped from tacking in late April as Japan was shutting down air freight.  This shutdown has also put all current orders on hold until we are able to get the Erlen back on this side of the Pacific.  I will be reaching out individually to all pre-order customers this week to begin processing refunds until we are able to get this back on track.  Thank you for the continued support and patience, we hope to have a better announcement in the coming couple of months.

OAC will be the North American distributer, both direct retail sales as well as wholesale to shops.  This batch is direct sale only, and we will be expanding into wholesale on the upcoming rounds of production.  The wholesale option still stands as well, get at me if you need some for your shop.

If you have a saddle bag, you already know why you want a support.  The Erlen has all of the kinks of previous designs worked out.  Load transfer is directly to the seat post, no extra hardware to come loose etc.  This is the NITTO x Blue Lug produced version of our design

Pulling design inspiration from the Breezer Seat Sandwich and Carradice Bagman, all of the extra parts are designed out.  Having used a Bagman for years with various saddle bags I had experienced every type of failure imaginable and set myself to engineer it out.  6 years ago we started R&D with Haulin Colin, and that is the one and only sample we needed.  Years of loading and testing and it just works, and is ready for market.  The support rails are welded directly into the rail spacer and the whole assembly clamps directly into you seat post/saddle assembly with a longer bolt (we provide).  

The drop on this is similar to our old Regular with 5.5" for most bags: Swift Zeitgeist, Carradice long flap etc..   This was our most popular Erlen surprise in the past

The hardware (Longer bolt) for this production is included, and included from Nitto with a bolt sized for their S65 post.  I believe this is the M8

We can only sell them with the Nitto hardware.  If you have one of our earlier US produciton Erlens you can buy our replacement bolt kits sold separately.  

    The Erlen is made with bare stainless steel for a long life of carefree service, and easy to weld or braze accessory mounting points etc..  

    As Simple as it looks, the only other question is load.  It goes all day at 15 lbs or less and you do not know it is there, at 20lbs flex is noticeable, and any more than that and this is not the proper rack for your load UPDATE: The preceding recommendation was based on years of use with a 70/30 split of road and trail(dirt road) use on my Rambler.  If your use is primarily mountain biking, you will want to keep the load under 10lbs.

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