Stem Top Brass No.2

Stem Top No.2

This is the 2nd of what will be many Stem Tops.  This is a way to take a simple stem cap and turn it into something really fun.  When you have a minute, hanging out with friends, at the cafe whatever, tops are just fun, alone, to race battle or use as the timer for a moment of pause in the day.

Stem Top No. 2 has a solid brass body, precision machined to our specifications by Paragon Machine Works.  The standard tip is a stainless 3/16" bearing.  these are easily replaced or upgraded if needed (Hint: ceramic hub bearings).  The tip is retained with a M6 set screw.  The Stem Top comes assembled and ready to go

It is as simple as it looks, a direct replacement for the existing stem cap and bolt, this is one assembly that you can take on and off without tools.  

System Requirements

  • 1 1/8" threadless steerer
  • Star fangled nut or other M6 expanding nut inside the steerer tube
  • Nut needs to be in there relatively straight and 1cm or less from top of steerer (most are like this)
  • Top of steerer 1mm or more below top of stem or spacer stack

Shops lookign for reseller info, hit me with an email to 

The concept has been submitted to the USPTO for patent protection as a Utility Patent. That said, makers are free to use the concept for hobby use, I would love to partner with small makers and shops to do craft runs, and other possible licensing opportunities. I am easy to a fault, just drop me a note at and if you are making these for yourself, share the pics with the tag #stemtop

Type: Accessory

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