M5 Light Adapter

Fall is coming and with shorter days I often ride with multiple lights for failsafe coverage.  

This offset nut helps get the light mounted to a rack brazeon without the all too common frame interference.  Shown here offset to the outside, but will also get most lights near center where you do not have brakes or cables blocking the light

What you get:

  • 1 - M5 Stainless Steel coupler nut
  • 1 - M5 25mm Stainless Steel cap head bolt and washer
  • 1 - M5 15mm Stainless Steel cap head bolt and washer

To make this work just thread the long bolt through your hourglass brazeon, tighten the standoff against the threaded portion sticking out from the hourglass.  You will probably need to hold the bolt with an allen wrench while you tighten the standoff with the 10mm wrench.  then use the shorter M5 bolt to mount the light

Why do this?  Hard mounting a blinky with the plastic clamps that goes around tube often come loose or are a pain to get workign with all the little rubber shims.  The rack bosses end up not letting the light mount at the right angle of view, and on and on.  This just works well with no fuss after the initial set up.  

Type: Components

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