Reality So Subtle 6x9 Pinhole

I love so much about this camera, will definitely regret letting it go, but it is just not getting the use it deserves.  The camera is in excellent shape and functions as designed.

From Blue Moon Camera where I purchased it:

Life moves fast sometimes. You know that film photography is often a slower process to begin with, but what about times when you really want to slow things down? That's where pinhole photography can come into play.

The Reality So Subtle 6x9 pinhole camera with filter threads is the tool that helps you slow down, imagine your images more, and let the world pass by. You may think that getting "only" eight images on a roll of 120 film isn't enough, but Reality So Subtle demands that you pay attention and work with each frame. There's a bubble level to help you make sure your horizon is straight. Framing guides are there to help you include or exclude the trees or buildings you want or don't. When you're ready, the knob to open the shutter snaps into place thanks to the help of a hidden magnet. Count your seconds away as the pinhole is open and the film absorbs those photons. A quick and decisive snap of the shutter and you're ready to advance the film to the next number. Two knobs on the top help you keep your film on the spools nice and tight and flat across the film plane. The engineering that went into this camera all makes sense now.

But even at f/135, you may feel limited to shutter speeds in the 4 to 20 second range. Want to make that longer? Find yourself a 52mm neutral density filter. Shooting black and white? Get a red filter to stack on top of that. Now you're looking at several minutes for an exposure. The car that drove by? Not a problem. The bicyclist that stopped to talk to you and looked right into the camera with the shutter open? Not even a blip of an image will show up. Eight exposures is now a day long process, but you're fine with that. The images will be what you wanted and your Reality So Subtle 6x9 helped you make them possible.

When you go out with your pinhole camera, slow film, and neutral density filters, sit down and enjoy. Literally let the world pass by. 

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