Zero Image 6x9 Pinhole Deluxe

I love so much about this camera, will definitely regret letting it go, but it is just not getting the use it deserves.  The camera is in excellent shape near new with box, papers etc.  This is one of the nicest pinholes in my collection, thing of beauty, works a treat with the cable release shutter, light, strong

From Blue Moon Camera where I purchased it:

The 6x9 Back To Nature version of the Zero Image line of pinhole cameras was introduced in 2017 and features a wax and oil finish as opposed to the earlier varnishing that the Zero Image cameras were known for.  This change makes the cameras more environmentally-friendly, less expensive and are just as beautiful as the earlier varnished models.

The 6x9 model is capable of working in four formats: 6x4.5cm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm or 6x9cm.  They have an effective aperture of f/250 and include a 77mm filter thread.

The filter thread will prove useful to photographers seeking to modify contrast, or - as in this case - suppress exposure with a neutral density filter.  Because sometimes, f/250 is just too flipping fast.   


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